• NEVER, NEVER use markers, poster paints, craft paint, acrylic paint, hair dye, spray paint, craft glitter or glue glitter for any face painting on any child. Just because a product states it is Non-Toxic, it doesn't mean it's safe it only means it's not poisonous. It can still harm a child's skin or eyes. Look for Products that say FDA compliant or EU compliant for use on skin and specifically made for face painting.
  • If you encounter a face painter using any of these products please advise them not to use them as they could damage a childs skin or cause irritation.

Products we use: Professional FDA & EU approved make-up products from -(BenNye , WolfeFX , Diamond FX, Mehron Cameleon, TAG, ArtyCakes ) which are safe for use on all skin  types. Cosmetic Glitter/(Eye Candy) Glimmer body glitter, safe for use around the eye area .Brushes & Sponges. Water is used for the paint and with a vinegar solution to wash & disinfect brushes. 

  • Not recommended to paint faces on children under the age of 2. We suggest arms or legs instead. Although we use FDA compliant non-toxic paints, it can cause a reaction on smaller children due to their sensitive skin or those who suffer from eczema or other skin irritations. Glitter is also not recommended for this age. Gel glitter is used for younger kids. 

  • Parents, please notify your guests that you are hiring a face painter during a specific time frame for your child's party. This guarantees all children will be painted and go home happy. We do not enjoy turning away any child. At times we have double bookings and we will not always be able to stay longer than the time on your contract. Unless we have discussed adding time to your contract in advance. Adults can get it on the fun! We love painting adults, but recommend that they wait until all children have had their turn and if time permits.

  • We also appreciate having a parent help supervise children who wish to stand in line and wait. We also appreciate that children not put their little fingers in our glitter or paint as we have invested a lot of money and do not wish to have our supplies damaged.